A powerful Online Presence

is essential for your business


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A powerful Online Presence

is essential for your business


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Hey, we are SalamanderSkills,

We are a Brand Identity and UI/UX agency located in Bucharest. Creating digital experiences to help businesses succeed in today’s world is our priority. We use the power of design to generate characteristic ideas that are meaningful, memorable, and iconic that people love to use.

Whether you are a consumer or retail brand, an established corporate brand, or a challenger brand, our goal is to make your ideas more successful and widespread your story.

We connect you with your customers, discover their requirements, and offer solutions to improve their experience with your brand, putting people at the center of the brand experience to drive behavioral change and deliver real impact. We provide a lot of sketches and information. That allows our clients a clear idea of the final product.

Our motivation is to boost human-business interaction. We are constantly thinking about which improvements we can bring to the ecosystem around your business, from what the customer believes in the brand to how they will interact with it.